Services: Tile & Marble

Marble can be transformed into beautiful flooring.

Tile flooring has become a popular choice in many homes and business properties over the past few years. As with other types of floor coverings, the variety of tiles that have been made available has increased tremendously. A few reasons why tile flooring should be considered are:  Long Lasting, Hypoallergenic, Low Maintenance and Great in Warm Climates.

Marble is a natural stone, and when properly finished can be transformed into beautiful flooring. Marble is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated styles of flooring to install and adds a whole new element of class to the home.

As one of the leading flooring restoration companies in south Florida, APC Flooring has the ability to bring your marble and terrazzo from its worn or damaged condition back to life.

We Provide Professional Floor Installation

We have over 20 years of experience applying new techniques with certified high quality materials. We are integrated by a team of highly trained professionals experienced with every type of installation and flooring maintenance.