Wet Flexible Pad


Wet Flexible Pab – Resin bond

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1. Material: Resin bond;
2. Removing scratches;
3. Smoothing out irregular surfaces.

Diameter: 5″

A) High gloss finishes in very short time;
B) Never mark the stone and never burns the surface of the stone to change the natural color;
C) Bright clear light and never fade;
D) Suitable for the grinding process of the curved or polygon surface.

50 grit. REF: DAWP0050MC5
100 grit. REF: DAWP0100MC5
200 grit. REF: DAWP0200MC5
400 grit. REF: DAWP0400MC5
800 grit. REF: DAWP0800MC5
1500 grit. REF: DAWP1500MC5
3000 grit. REF: DAWP3000MC5

Additional information

Grit Option/Ref:

50 grit. REF: DAWP0050MC5, 100 grit. REF: DAWP0100MC5, 200 grit. REF: DAWP0200MC5, 400 grit. REF: DAWP0400MC5, 800 grit. REF: DAWP0800MC5, 1500 grit. REF: DAWP1500MC5, 3000 grit. REF: DAWP3000MC5, buff. REF: DAWPBUFFMC5