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Sand Screen Discs 100 grit 20″


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Sand Screen Discs

Aggressive removal and repair disc

  • Commonly used for coatings repair on wood, gym, or painted floor surfaces
  • Available in 60/80/100/120/150 grit

Americo’s Sand Screen Discs are commonly used for removal or repair of coatings on wood floor surfaces. An ideal application would be refinishing gym floors. They are also used for repair of painted floor surfaces. Use both sides of the Sand Screen Disc…either wet or dry.

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60 Grit, 17"., 60 Grit, 20"., 80 Grit, 17"., 80 Grit, 20"., 100 Grit, 17"., 100 Grit, 20"., 120 Grit, 17"., 120 Grit, 20"., 150 Grit, 17"., 150 Grit, 20".


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