Diamond Metal Bond Square Edge with Pin 50 grit.

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Diamond Metal Bond Square Edge

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Diamond metal bond, square edge. 10 segments 3″ (76mm) with pin 50 grit. Durable metal and diamond compound. Use wet or dry. Effective in the process of grinding and polishing concrete, terrazo, marble and granite floor. Segment size: 8mm height.

Diameter: 3″ round edge
Segments: 10

16 grit . REF: DMBS0016MC3
30 grit. REF: DMBS0030MC3
50 grit. REF: DMBS0050MC3
100 grit. REF: DMBS0100MC3
200 grit. REF: DMBS0200MC3
400 grit. REF: DMBS0400MC3

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 in
Grit Option/Ref:DMBR0030MC3

16 grit . REF: DMBR0016MC3, 30 grit. REF: DMBR0030MC3, 50 grit. REF: DMBR0050MC3, 100 grit. REF: DMBR0100MC3, 200 grit. REF: DMBR0200MC3, 400 grit. REF: DMBR0400MC3